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Geospatial Information Technology in Indonesia and its Legal Framework
2. Realidade brasileira e comunicação de massa
Geospatial Technology in Society
Indonesian Geospatial Information Law
Providing Geospatial Information
Organizing Geospatial Information
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Organizing Geospatial Information

In order to ensure that a single reference set of geospatial information is established so as to ensure that end users will acquire accurate, credible, and accountable for information, organizing of geospatial information.

Since geospatial databases are gathered from variety of sources, such as previously available Basic Geospatial Information or data that derives from images taken from airplanes, satellites, or surveyors directly in the field. Article 27 (2) sets a standard for acquiring information. Which includes complying with the standards of the geospatial reference system, types, criteria, and data formats that will be later determined by the Head of the soon to be established Geospatial Information Agency (, 2011).

Article 28 sets out permission that must be obtained for collecting data, if the area where the data is being collected is located in a prohibited area, or if the act of collection of the data/information can have a hazardous effect on the collector (stipulated further in Article 29), or if collected by foreign owned vehicles (airplane and vessels, but not satellites) (, 2011).

Gathering geospatial information requires substantial investment, manpower, and the use of advanced technology to ensure its availability and accuracy. Although Basic Geospatial Information is categorized as open information, Article 48 stipulates that a fee can be charged to the user.

Supervision of the providers and users of geospatial information will be under the authority of the soon to be established Geospatial Information Agency (Article 69 (2)). During the transition period (3 years) supervision will be the responsibility of the National Agency for Surveys and Mapping (Badan Koordinasi Survei dan Pemetaan Nasional / Bakosurtanal). Supervision of geospatial information providers and users is stipulated in Article 57, whereby a further Government Regulation will address such supervision.