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Geospatial Information Technology in Indonesia and its Legal Framework
2. Realidade brasileira e comunicação de massa
Geospatial Technology in Society
Indonesian Geospatial Information Law
Providing Geospatial Information
Organizing Geospatial Information
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Providing Geospatial Information

Pursuant to Article 55, private persons or groups of people wishing to provide Geospatial Information, are required to poses the required competency to provide geospatial information, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. If private persons or a group of people are embodied in a legal entity, the legal entity must comply with both the Administrative and the Technical requirements (Article 56 (1)). As set out in Article 56 (2), the administrative requirements are:
a.    Deed of establishment, and
b.    Business license.

Technical requirements, pursuant to Article 56 (2), are:
a.    Certificate that meets the classification and qualification as a geospatial information provider, and
b.    Employs certified professionals in the field of geospatial information.

Since the Law is a regulatory framework for Geospatial Information, further implementing regulations on administrative and technical requirements will be issued at a later date (, 2011).